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Amudha was enjoying this Slutd. Gradually Kevin started biting her boobs real hard. He had her nipples between his teeth and pulled it like a rubber. Kevin asked "You want me to stop bitch? Continue your carnage" Kevin took this as his cue and continued playing rough. He then moved down. He licked her belly button and Amudha's screams became moans. While doing so, he removed the button and zip of her Loved your belt in maastricht and started pulling her pants down. Once he pulled the pants down, he couldn't believe his eyes. He was very much impressed with the toned legs and thighs of my mother.

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Kevin was pleasantly surprised. I have seen some pornstars squirting like this in some videos. But that is very rare. I never knew that my mom had the ability to squirt. She squirted continuously for 10 seconds giving various sounds and half of the bed became wet. Kevin started fucking her in the same position again. Mom was moving inch by inch towards the edge of the bed and all of a sudden they fell down from the bed. Amudha was lying on her stomach on the floor. Kevn was lay on her and started fucking her pussy from behind in the same speed. He was about to cum. Mom told "Cum in my pussy. I have done my operation already. After 2 minutes, he moaned loudly and came in her pussy.

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I went to our bedroom and saw mom sleeping in the same dress. I switched on the light. I found that she was wearing no bra. Of course it was torn to pieces by Kevin. For sure, she was not wearing panties too. I went back to my room. I removed the headphones from the socket and increased the volume. Our whole house was echoing my mom's moans and screams during the fuck. She woke up and came to my room. What is the problem? What are you watching? She was stunned to see what was being played in my computer. I had to rewind the video to the part where she was fucked on the floor by Kevin. She didn't have any word to say. She just fell broken on the bed in my room and started crying.

I went and sat near her head and caressed her hair. You are asking that to me? I have to ask that to you. Why did you do such a thing? My life is now totally ruined because of you" Me: It is not ruined. I promise you I won't show it to anyone. Are you afraid that I will show it to father. I understand your feelings. Dad left you here alone. You have every right to look for sex from other people. Amudha looked at me confused and asked "Then why did you take this video" Me: I was just having doubts on what you were doing on weekends. So I placed a camera in your handbag. Now that I have this video, I need a favor from you if you want this to be safe with me.

I will do anything that is possible. Of course it is possible for you. You just did it with the black guy named Kevin Amudha understood what I meant. She told "Are you asking your own mom to sleep with you? That is really dirty. I can't do that" Me: Then I am sorry. I will upload this to a file server and mail the links to everyone you know including dad. You are blackmailing your own mom to have sex with you. I don't know if it is wrong or right. But I want to do it now. Please don't force me to do it. While she was crying and begging me, I moved my hands to her crotch and removed the zip and button of her jeans. She tried to stop me. I held her hand with one of my hands and removed the zip and button using the other hand.

As expected there were no panties. I placed my fingers between her pussy lips and entered them. I was surprised to find that there was a lot of cum left inside. I turned to look at my mom and found that she has already closed her eyes and started moaning. I asked her "Is this Kevin's cum? Didn't you wash it? He ordered me to have the cum in my pussy. And I also loved to have the cum inside my pussy" I started to understand everything. Just a gentle touch in her pussy made her crave for a fuck. I kicked myself for not having tried touching her pussy before. But it is better late than never. I started finger fucking her slowly and she responded very well.

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She pulled down my shorts and saw my 6 inch cock already out of my briefs. She smiled and told "Your cock is too small to satisfy me" Me: I know you have taken so many big cocks in that hole already. Now there is no way you can get satisfied. But I can always get satisfied. I pushed her on the bed and Sluts in lower forge her t-shirt and jeans. Her flawless smooth body was a bit dirty with sweat and bite marks. But I loved it. The mangalsutra was placed between both her huge boobs. I started the proceedings by kissing her lips. I inserted my tongue inside Amudha's mouth and took some saliva from there.

She broke the kiss and told "You are such a dirty guy" to which I promptly replied "What else do you expect from your pussy? I told "Wow sucking these tits after so many years" Mom was busy closing her eyes and moaning and trying to roll both sides out of ecstasy. I went down, licked her navel for some time and crossed her pussy without doing anything reached my favorite part of her body - her legs and thighs. I licked all the way from her thighs down to her heels. She has maintained them so well. I did that to both her legs while Amudha was screaming "Suck my pussy soon you mother fucker.

I opened her pussy and started licking. All of a sudden Kevin's cum came out like waterfalls. She shouted "Drink that bastard. He is the reason you are able to fuck me now. You should drink his cum". The situation made me forget all hygiene and I started drinking it. That was the first time I tasted a guy's sperms. It didn't taste much good. At the same time the taste was not revolting. So, I easily swallowed it. I started licking my mom's used pussy again. She went on speaking like an RJ continuously "Wow. My son is licking my own pussy. The pussy through which he came from.

Come on mother fucker. My cock went in easily as the hole was ravished by a 10 inch cock that day only. Though it was not a big deal for her, she was moaning in high mood. I couldn't even hold my cum for 2 minutes. I knew she was not satisfied. So I started finger fucking her till she reached orgasm. But she didn't squirt this time. I asked her "Why aren't you squirting now? How did you know these terms? I have been watching lots of porn. I have seen some videos like that" Amudha: I squirt only when I do something rough, kinky, hardcore or dirty" Me: What exactly do you mean by this? I can't tell you all" Me: You can't use the word No when talking to me. I always loved the rough and dirty ways of having sex.

Did you really say BDSM? So you are also watching lots of porn. When you get a husband like your father I have to watch lots of porn. I was about to ask that. Tell me about father and also how you ended up being a prostitute for the pimp Rahul Amudha: Your father stays here for 2 weeks hardly. Though he fucks me well those days, he never tried anything new. It was just the normal fuck in missionary position. I was getting sexually frustrated. After marriage he is the one, who made me watch porn. He used to be sexually active those days. But as years passed, he became a bit dumb on bed whereas my need for sex increased day by day.

I was drunk and Rahul was near me. He exploited this situation and asked me how I was dealing with your father not present here. I tried to neglect him first. His stubborn attitude and the alcohol effect on me made me give in. I told all my feelings to him. He took advantage of that and asked me if I would allow him to satisfy me. While asking so, he touched my pussy. You know what happens when someone does that. I gave in immediately. The next thing I knew was I was in his room nude hugging him. He decided to make money out of me by pimping me to people of kind I like.

He used to get a guy every weekend. I had to do it for free. After our client fucks me, he takes a ride on me. Today he didn't fuck me in pussy as he knew I was way to tired to take more. What are the kinky things you have tried so far. None except my wish to get fucked by a black man. It is dangerous here. You can never trust anyone. Thanks to this chat, I got an erection again. I am too tired for another fuck. I am the one who takes decision in this house hereafter. Now get up and walk with me. She went to take her clothes. I asked her to leave the clothes there. We walked to the hall first. She was hesitant to enter. Our hall has many windows and it is visible from the apartment that is situated across the road.

But people from there won't be able to see clearly from there. I forced her to walk through that room. We went to her bedroom and I turned on the light. She asked what my plans are. I replied "Just shut up and do what I say" The bedroom has 2 huge windows. I opened both of them and switched on the light. Her bedroom window faces the other 3 blocks of our apartments. Anyone looking through the window from the same floor in other blocks can clearly see what is going on there. Time was 11 PM and all the lights in other apartments were switched off. I assumed that everyone would be asleep.

She was reluctant to come near me. I dragged her holding her hands. She swore at me "Are you mad? Why do you want others to see us? Or else your deeds will be exposed to the whole world" I pushed her towards the window.

Her hips were near the lower window pane. I made her bend so that the upper half of her body was now outside the window. Anybody from other blocks could see her now. I held her hair tightly pushing her head down on the window slab. Cold breeze stuck her boobs and her nipples became rock hard. I fucked her as fast as possible. All of a sudden she started to moan and scream loudly outside the window. I could find some changes in her body movements. She started liking it. Her moans became louder and louder and all of a sudden what I wanted happened.

She squirted liters of cum on the floor. Her legs were shaking hard and she was not even able to stand. She fell down on the floor. I fell over her and fucked her on the wet floor till I came. We slept in that position over her juices that night. The next day we woke up together. Both of us brushed our teeth without wearing any dress. While she went to take bath, she closed the door. I banged at the door and blackmailed her to open the door. Our bathroom has both shower and a toilet. I sat on the toilet and asked her to take bath in front of me. She turned on the shower. The sight of water flowing through her white smooth body Free sex dating in blue hill ne 68930 me immediate erection and I didn't waste time to fuck her.

I pushed her down on the toilet floor with water falling on her ass and I mounted her pussy from behind. I started fucking her. I took soap in hand and applied it all over her body. Her smooth body became slippery after I applied soap. Sluts in lower forge applied soap all over her body including her face. I lay over her in that position, hugged her and started fucking her in that position. Both of us came within 3 minutes. But she didn't squirt. Then I stood up and left. She took bath alone for some time. Then I took bath and both of us left. This continued for about 2 months. Every day started and ended with me fucking my mom, Amudha.

She was still being pimped by Rahul during weekends. I fucked her on the bedroom window all nights. She herself started asking me to do it after some days. She squirted all days during the first week when we fucked near the window. After that her squirting stopped. But still she liked to get fucked in open. One night as usual, we were hugging each other nude and sleeping. The bell rang at around Both of us woke up. Amudha just put on a nightie without anything underneath. I wore a pair of shorts and t-shirt. We looked through the door to and found it was the next door bachelor Prem. I previously mentioned that each floor has 2 flats. In our opposite flat, two software engineer bachelors were staying.

They were not much close to us. But we just used to wish each other when we crash into them anywhere. One of them is Prem and the other is Prakash. We opened the door and Prem was standing there with a grin. Hi Aunty, sorry to disturb you at this time. Tomorrow is Prakash's birthday. I thought it would be better if you two could join rather than we both celebrating it alone. We would love to join. Wait let me change the dress. This will be over soon. You look good in this dress. We entered their room. They kept their apartment clean. The apartment looks exactly like ours.

Prakash was sitting on the couch waiting for us. There was a cake on the table in the drawing room. I have a birthday song video. Let me play it. Prem put on a CD on his player attached to the TV and played it. We were shocked to see what was played. It was taken from a HD video camera. It had my mother with the top half of her nude body outside our house window nude. Her boobs were clearly visible in the video. I was fucking her hard from behind. All her horny expressions were vividly captured. My mom was too stunned to say anything and she fell on the couch next to Prakash.

I asked Prem "Why did you do this? Prem replied "I have to ask the same question to you. But I know the answer. When you have a woman with such a hot body at home, you just can't resist fucking her even though she is your mother. We earn well and we don't want any money from you. We just want you to do whatever we ask you to do" Amudha: We want both of you as our slaves Amudha: You are still having doubts in that regard? We want to use you for sex. You do whatever we say. I am not a prostitute to do things like that. At least prostitutes fuck people who give money. You fucked your own son. That is even worse. This is not going to happen.

If this doesn't happen, you know what else will happen. This video will be published in all the social networking sites. Please don't do this to me. I will give you any amount of money you want. We know what we want. As I told you today is Prakash's birthday and you are his birthday gift. You mind your words you mother fucker. From now on, we will call both of you with whatever words we want. If you speak one word against it, this video is going to my facebook wall captioned my next house son fucking his own mother.

I had no reply for him. Now, Amudha will you stop wasting time and get on with your duty. Prakash, shall we take her to bedroom? We will fuck her in all the rooms we have. Let us start in this room. You are the birthday boy. You start the proceedings. I will join in the end Prakash made my mom lie on the couch. He bent over her and kissed her lips. But he gave a slap and she started kissing him. Prakash kissed her deeply for a long time while squeezing her boobs. It looks like you are not wearing your bra. Did we disturb you in the middle of a nice fuck? Prakash stopped what he did and told "I am curious. How all these things started between you two?

I just couldn't imagine how a son got guts to ask his mother to go to bed with him" I explained everything that happened. You told you are not a prostitute. That is a fucking lie. You were a prostitute even before your son started fucking you. Now Prakash, don't waste time and continue ravishing her body. Prakash pulled Amudha's nightie up slowly revealing her super-smooth fair body inch by inch. I got an instant erection. As I was not wearing any underwear, my erection was immediately visible on my shorts.

Look at this guy's erection. When you see such a hot body even her father will get an immediate erection. Look at her color and skin tone of her thighs and legs. Looks like an actress body. Look at the way the bitch has trimmed her pussy hair. Now Prakash lifter her nightie over her head and my mom was in the couch completely nude. He went out of control on seeing mom's body. He undressed himself fast. He started his licking work again. When he started licking her pussy, I knew Amudha is going to lose control. As expected she started moaning. She is so sensitive down her pussy. Look at the way she responds.

He then pushed her on the floor and made her lay on her stomach. Both Prem and Prakash were dumbstruck after seeing her back view. Her smooth back and the sexy round shaped ass looked really hot. Prakash couldn't hold any longer. He took his cock in his hand and inserted in her pussy. Amudha caught hold of his ass and pulled him towards her. His cock was of same size as mine. Although Mexicali has numerous retail outlets, from brand name stores to luxury malls, many residents still prefer to shop on the American side. Line in the sand An imposing metal barrier, up to 7. Dangers range from extreme weather and kidnapping by smugglers to snakes and scorpions, said Sergio Molina, the local border agency director responsible for protecting migrants.

Staff conduct daily patrols in search of those in trouble, leaving life-boxes containing water, food, medicine, thermal blankets and more, in 14 locations at 6. Both likely perished from the severe conditions. Those unsuccessful in crossing sometimes stay in Mexicali, waiting to try again or looking for work, he said. This is a security problem. He spent five years in federal prison for several illegal re-entries. They're now giving you time for crossing," he said. But if I go, I'm pretty sure I'll be locked up. Although Mexicali prospered from US prohibition - Al Capone was a purported regular - it has never seen the tourism of Tijuana, its bigger western neighbour.

Nonetheless, a smattering of strip clubs and reputation for nocturnal prostitution downtown attracts men from the US. Other visitors come for more sedate purposes - affordable healthcare. The city offers a range of services, from cosmetic surgery to dental operations, at much lower prices than in the US. Casey Parker, director of operations for Breg, an American medical devices company with a local factory, recently underwent minor surgery covered by his insurance. Lanes for medical patients have been created at the border to allow swift re-entry to the US - alongside lanes for pre-verified, regular travellers.

Since the NAFTA agreement of the s, the city has capitalised on its comparatively cheap, skilled labour force to lure numerous foreign companies there. Mexicali's ambitions - or pitfalls - can be found 16 kilometres west of town, at a planned industrial park known as Silicon Border. The much-hyped project draws eye-rolls from locals after remaining largely on the drawing board for close to a decade. A solitary security contractor guards what remains a flat, dusty expanse populated by electricity pylons. In an apparent move to spur development, the 1,hectare site is now being sold or leased in four phases owned by two different entities.

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