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It wasn't long before she found several errors in the formulas and corrected the spreadsheet. It wasn't long enough to distract her lickk the encounter lik just concluded and the fact that her pussy was sobbing wet. She leaned back into her chair alea smelled Alexa's scent still fresh on the leather. Her mind pictured Alexa's breasts as she touched her neck. The thoughts were too much. She stood up and pulled down her panties from under her skirt, then removed her bra but kept on her shirt. She slid her hand Round mound ass alexa lick her skirt to her pussy and gently eased a finger into her slit.

She moved her finger out and moved upward onto her clit. Her other hand squeezed her breasts, kneading them and pulling them. Her eyes closed and she circled her finger over her clit once more. Her mind transcended to Alexa's innocence and sas incredibly beautiful body. She started to licm her swollen clit with two fingers as she squirmed on the Roind. Sylvia's hips grinded into her hand as she plunged two fingers inside her pussy. She was ready to orgasm with pent miund emotion. Moans escaped from her lips and My ex boyfriend is on a dating site was lost that she was in her office.

Her body felt the climax coming and it would only be a second or two more before she would cum. Then as if to torture her body as she finally gave way in her mind, she heard the main door open. Sylvia gulped and almost cried as she quickly withdrew her hand and straightened up in the chair. Her body shook and screamed for her to climax but sas was too late. Alexa came bouncing into Sylvia's office. I think I solved the problem," Sylvia searched for words. Alexa came towards her boss and Sylvia got up. Alexa gazed into Sylvia's eyes and eased down into Sylvia's chair. This time it was Alexa who smelled Sylvia's scent deep into the air. She also placed her foot on something soft.

It was Sylvia's panties and it was now that Alexa knew that her boss had those same feelings. Sylvia again moved behind Alexa and placed her hands on her shoulders. And this time when Sylvia leaned forward to catch another glimpse of Alexa's well rounded breasts she noticed that Alexa had pulled back her hair and that she had removed her bra. I'm still super stressed. Could you relax me again? Again she began stroking her fingers over Alexa's neck. Alexa shrunk back on the chair. Sylvia whispered into her ear to relax once more and this time Alexa could feel the warm heat from the older woman's breath on her bare neck.

She closed her eyes and felt the fingers tingling down her spine. Sylvia slowly began to massage Alexa's shoulders, up her neck and over her jaw line. She responded by leaning her head back. Sylvia ran her fingers down her neck and onto her chest. Alexa's nipples were already hard and she inched her round petite butt forward raising her breasts upward. Sylvia lightly touched Alexa's neck and down her chest once again, this time slowly touching further down. Alexa uncontrollably started breathing heavier and let out a small moan. Sylvia looked down at Alexa's face that was arched back then ran her fingers over her breasts. Alexa's mouth opened without a sound. She then glided a finger over her harden nipples and Alexa let out an audible groan.

She lowered her head and their mouths met. It was the first time Alexa felt another woman's mouth locked on hers. Their tongues sensually played with each other in a passionate kiss. Alexa's eyes never opened as Sylvia began to massage her breasts. Sylvia then slipped her hands under Alexa's shirt and felt her bare breasts. She gently pulled her nipples as the two continued to kiss. Alexa trembled in anticipation of her first sexual experience with another woman. Sylvia climbed over the chair and onto her knees in front her Alexa's young body.

She touched her thighs and moved her hands upward and inward. She kissed them and pulled Alexa's thighs apart to discover she too was not wearing panties. The sight sent a tidal wave of sensation to her own pussy. She watched as Alexa removed her shirt and two ample breasts bounced ever so slightly. They were round and firm and her nipples lifted with a slight perk. Sylvia wanted to put them in her mouth but couldn't resist the urge to sample Alexa's sweet pussy. Sylvia placed her head into Alexa's trimmed pussy and slowly licked her labia and into her slit.

Alexa arched her back and started to convulse. Sylvia continued to lick her pussy and then subtly sucked in Alexa's small clit. She licked around and up and down. Sylvia placed a finger into her pussy and she continued to lick her clit. Alexa started to buck wildly but Sylvia wanted to savor the moment a little longer. She wanted Alexa to feel what it was like to be with another woman.

She slowed the tempo to try and bring Alexa back lcik for just a few more moments. It worked as Alexa slouched in the chair grabbing her own breasts. The visual from Sylvia's view as Alexa squeezed her own tits was incredible. She shot one of her hands back to her own pussy and rubbed herself.

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She then gingerly let one of her fingers from the hand in Alexa's pussy slip downward to her rose bud, testing her reaction. To her surprise Alexa let out a loud moan. This sent Sylvia into an orgasm of her own and she temporarily lifted her head from Alexa. Alexa looked down between her legs and witnessed the pleasure of Sylvia's face as she moaned in ecstasy. Sylvia quickly recovered and lightly rubbed Alexa's lubricated asshole. Alexa again let out a cry of pleasure. Sylvia stopped suddenly and stood up. In Alexa's inexperience, she cried out, "Oh please Sylvia don't stop, oh please, I'll do anything. As Alexa got up she told her to bend over the desk. Alexa was perplexed as Sylvia positioned Alexa with her defined stomach and perky breasts flat onto the desk.

Sylvia then sat in the Round mound ass alexa lick and was looking directly at Alexa's cute, round ass. She told Alexa to spread her legs Hijab women sucking bit further. Alexa's head was over the desk and she grasped the edges of the desk with her hands. It was then she felt the most vulnerable sensation, yet the most erotic. Sylvia bent down and spread Alexa's cheeks apart and began to lick her anus. Her tongue lapped up and down her split and over the forbidden opening.

At first Sylvia could sense Alexa's uneasiness but as she continued to lick her, she felt her begin to relax even further and then start to shake as the excitement grew. Alexa couldn't believe what she was doing. The first experiences with another woman were beyond what she could have fantasized about. She began to push her butt into Sylvia's face. Sylvia sensed her climax and inserted a finger into her pussy as she licked her asshole. She followed up with another finger perched on her clit rubbing and pumping her pussy. She stopped her body for the final moment to feel Sylvia's fingers and tongue continue to pump into her.

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