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Make the Rise of Change for Cape Will. She will smile to your in and stick a still in your back. Safety women search men listings in cape girardeau, mo on oodle classifieds after millions of songs using oodle to find episodes personal ads don't miss what's want in your first. From what I complex Dora is complex people that they can man their residency to the town in think to good in this interaction.

Wonderful, friendly, helpful hosts. Veronica, United States of America Breakfast was great. Different surprise every morning with lots of fresh fruit to balance it out. Spacious room with modern bathroom and those heavy Turkish bathrobes to throw on after a refreshing shower. Free access to little extras like popcorn, soda, water and even beach towels to use at the beach. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to our friends. Jane, United States of America It was quiet. The innkeepers wete friendly. The accommodations were wonderful. Kathryn, United States of America Bedding was superb,beautiful antique furnishings,even shower robes. Judith, United States of America Inn keepers are wonderful people.

It has the privacy of a hotel, but that homey feel of a Bed and Breakfast. It's the perfect middle ground. Jesse, United States of America Staff. What happens when the bridge-tunnel starts dumping and the water overflows. I see some houses right next to the pits. Too bad for them? What happens when the pits get full? I hope our Supervisors are staying on top of the issue in Northampton County. I have no reason to believe they are not. I noticed a huge new chicken house construction project in Accomac on the west side of US that is nearing completion. It appears to encompass about 10 large chicken houses side by side on about acres.

I have no idea about other projects beyond the tree line. That type of pollution source here in Northampton County could be a disaster to aqua farming and as well as threat to Aussie spycam porn sole source aquifer. Cum on enormous tits it is not that the chicken house business is bad or wrong. And Northampton County is not a good place for the chicken house business for many reasons. We need our Supervisors to hold the line at the county line. Creed for his work on the article about teachers for Northampton County.

As a former educator for NCPS, it is reassuring to hear others share some of the same concerns I had during my time there, both within the article and in some of the comments. I look forward to seeing the follow-up with others who have left the division. But your right money talks and B. As it was a warm and sunny day, and unofficially, the start of the summer season, the beach front was packed. The entire town looked scrubbed and clean and bustling. Such a dramatic change since the early nineties and points earlier. I know the town has had fiscal issues in the past and even more dangerous, council member wars. But, from a passing glance and the view from the wind screen of our vehicle, the town exudes warmth and welcome.

Every citizen should be proud. Your town is a throwback from a bygone era and I mean that as a compliment. Keep Free sex dating in cape charles va 23310 the tack you are presently taking. My wife and I will be back. They seem to be a good group of dedicated and thoughtful officers, and are much appreciated. Seeing a police officer in uniform walking down Mason would be novel, and although Mayberry-esque, I think it Wechat id naked nude swap twitter increase community policing efforts in Thanks again to our Chief and his troops!

This is despite the fact that they are none of those things. Hate nor political correctness has a place in America anymore. That is what he does. Also, I can tweet back from his remarks. Hope your decisions are talked over first and discussed for the benefits of the town citizens in which most are retired and living on a fixed income. I attend all the town council meetings, and I invite more people to attend so you can see for yourself what is going on in this town. Seeking ladies in shizuoka has not even Chat date n sex office yet but everything the pundits said would happen have gone in the opposite direction.

How about we give this guy a chance before we call a doomsday scenario? I realize people are upset and the puppy dogs, safe spaces and the tin foil hats are not working as well as they should. However, this is still America and we have a great system in place that will not allow bad things to happen unless you consider the last 8 years a failure of that system. Besides all of that if worse comes to worse we can always blame the Russians or the Martians for whatever comes next. It is time for the angry middle class to understand that their lives will change radically for the worse in the very near future.

Your already meager social security and educational opportunities compared to the rest of the developed world will be diluted to welfare levels you only see in third world countries. Your pensions will be worthless as runaway inflation is bound to set in shortly. You should also fear any Russian interference. She was welcomed with open arms into our elections and she already has its American puppet by the balls. It is difficult to fathom how you will be able to dig yourselves out of this mess. Educate yourselves and vote wisely next time. This is a chess game not checkers- think before you act and never kowtow to these pirates who want to make the town their personal ATM.

Make the Year of Change for Cape Charles. Is Trump going to pay to decorate his living quarters and pay for it? He should — Trump has the money. Is Trump really going to create jobs like he says he is going to do? No one misread a thing in those comments. I do agree on one thing- he will be a great President because his political agenda is America. There are NO hateful, ridiculous, and disrespectful comments made on President-elect Trump. I think President-elect Trump will make a great President. Of course, Air Force One will be flying him. Trump apparently wants to commute to Washington, D.

Folks, America has spoken and its time to give this guy Trump a chance to lead. If you want to continue to grow the cat population, feed them at your house. Locals and poor people are powerless pawns and servants. I, for one, would never want to go back to the Cape Charles of the late s, with rundown houses and constant crime. Tourists are the reason Cape Charles exists in the first place, and tourists account for the rise of Cape Charles to a recognized resort status. However, we are not permitted to touch the building until we get the go ahead from the NPS, the state and then we hope we can start our work.

If you have any questions or complaints! At the time of this writing there are over deaths and climbing. While the media and political pundits are desperately trying to blame specific groups of people ; I simply wonder aloud what is causing this spike in violence in America? My opinion is that we have simply failed as a nation to honestly identify what this problem is. The White House called that incident work place violence. The latest tragedy in Florida is already being labeled as a hate crime the investigation has just started despite the fact that the shooter pledged his allegiance to another terrorist organization on a recorded police line- something the DOJ desperately tried to scrub from the public access.

The school tragedy in Connecticut was blamed on a semi-automatic guns and very little attention if any at all was paid to the fact that the villain who committed this horrible crime had severe mental issues. Compounding that issue was the fact that his mother took him to the local shooting range and he had access to her guns. The tragic shooting that took place in a church was blamed on a flag and those dreaded semi-automatic guns again but little attention was paid to the sub human who also had mental issues and guns! The politicians and the media hyper- focus in on these semi-automatic guns and the people who own or sell them rather than the actual facts of the case- extreme religious beliefs, mental issues and pure hatred.

Someone said that we have a history of violence in America. America is not the most dangerous country in the world that distinction belongs to Syria and Afghanistan but we are one of the most politically correct along with Sweden, Germany and the UK. Which could be the problem why we are not addressing this plague of mass shootings. Personally, I find it interesting that the loudest political voices for gun control are themselves surrounded by a phalanx of heavily armed men and women Bloomberg- the former Mayor of NY had to get special permission for his security detail to carry their guns on an island vacation he went on- an island with absolutely no guns except for the police, military and his security detail.

The weapon of choice in Boston was pressure cookers proving once again that these deranged individuals can kill with almost anything and not necessarily a gun. Elected officials are now in the middle of a sit-in at our seat of government over guns; I would find all of these actions to be more creditable if every elected official who is protesting guns gave up their armed security details as an example to the rest of us peasants. Want to deal with a real gun issue and violence? Address the inner city violence in Illinois, Michigan and New Jersey. These states have some of the toughest gun laws in America and young men and women are still being murdered in record numbers. Yes, there is a gun culture in America but that includes hunting, business, sport and survival.

So maybe it is time to remove the facade of political correctness and call these violent incidents exactly what they are terrorism, mental health and hatred. Mayor Proto please either start or stop taking your meds, and fix this!!!! There are definitely good doctors, nurses and EMT folks in the county but the issue that needs to be addressed is emergency and hospital care. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a heart attack or other major injury on the lower end of the shore you will definitely be making a trip to Norfolk via helicopter.

What happens when the hospital moves out of Northampton County and you lose more golden minutes? How did Northampton County allow this to happen? The Eastern Shore is being touted as an ideal place to retire- one thing these retirees better consider before they move to this area is emergency health care and hospital location. Two, this anonymous column serves the specific purpose of allowing people within the inner sanctums of our local governmental organizations to voice their observations without fear of reprisals. FYI- which can occur with a vengeance in these small towns. Four, a local newspaper had the same conclusions about non-signed letters and did away with their anonymous section and the result was very negative reaction from their readership.

Because that action allowed the local and county governments to operate with impunity since no one was calling them out on issues. I am sorry my only being in CC for 8 years offends you so much. If I could go back 50 years and beg my folks to move here instead of Tennessee, maybe that would be different. I think you completely missed my point. Some folks are more passionate about some things than others. You two have never shied away from your opinions AND attaching your name to them. For this I applaud you. I do not have to agree with you, but you can rest assured I will never take the cowards way out and not stick my name on my opinion. During the mentioned things I was probably out of town working.

I do not necessarily agree with them all the time, but friends nonetheless. Thanks for putting your name on your comments. Thats what my post was about to begin with. Most everyone in town knows this. Bob Panek is a manipulative scam artist who is more dangerous and selective of when to tell his lies. They say you get the type of government you deserve. Last spring the town in all their wisdom enlarged the beach. That made where people walked out into the water even closer to where the deep spots are. I went to the town meeting and they would not let me speak. I told them that I was going to call Channel 3 News and the entire Town Council sat there like bumps on a log.

Mayor Proto admitted liability on live TV! Where were you Brent Carpenter when we were fighting for a community center? The Town Council basically told all of the citizens that if there was a Community Centre our taxes would go up. So they gave away the school. The people that own the school,which is now apartments, went to the county, had the assessment reduced and locked in for 10 years. So basically the town is getting a little or nothing in taxes for that apartment building. So now after living here for a big eight years you think that you know everything. Maybe you will learn something about the people running our town. I have lived in Cape Charles my entire life. I must say that for a town of less than 1, full-time residents, with a big votes in the last election, do you really think that a budget of over eight million dollars for this year is normal?

The entire Northampton County school system has a budget of right around 16 million. When Dora Sullivan was mayor she insulted my wife and I at a town meeting and never apologized publicly. Steve Bennett only cares about what he can do for Bay Creek. All the Town Council and mayor are concerned about is tourism. My dog vomited every time he drank it. And you think this is normal? I have made myself known in town, I am active in the Palace theater, helping the high school arts program, Emmanuel Episcopal church, and love the town we live in, and am not hard to find. If you have an issue with someone elected to a town pos and are mad enough to name them, you should put your name to it.

Dora Sullivan is a lovely woman who has given her time selflessly to our town. Steve Bennett, the same. Brent Manual, Bob Panek. I am proud to call Andy Bucholtz a personal friend, even though we disagree on many subjects. Most of these folks have been in my home at one time or another, and are folks trying to do their best for our town. Sign your name or shut the hell up!!!! Certainly our police officers have cell phones in their vehicles, or dispatch could have handled it. Or can we all agree that this back-in angled parking is ridiculous and repaint those lines so we can get back to parking the way sane people do?

The main issues that voters should consider are national security, sovereignty, employment, medical care, education, veteran issues and care for the elderly and young. No matter how hard we want to believe that money grows on trees, that we can change the minds of religious fanatics with lovepeace and understanding, that no one needs to work hard because the rich will be forced to share their wealth and the world will break out in love and happiness- its probably not going to happen. So study the candidates well- whoever they are- and vote for the person you think will lead us out of this malaise we have been in over the last decade.

Then again, how smart is the American public when we have made the fools from The Jersey Shore ,The Kardashians and the various Housewives shows into American icons? We might not have great candidates this year have we ever? Your vote does count so chose wisely. Response 3 to A Disgusting Dora — Disgusting yes. Also a radio edit. Response 2 to A Disgusting Dora — Good job Cape Charles voters, you just made sure the value of your property takes another dive. Get ready to be royally screwed over and over. Cape Charles Candidate Forum — Once again, pretty entertaining writing and some interesting points made by some follow on writers.

This almost begs the question of what is the essence of The Town of Cape Charles? The answer is the people who occupy that space. The problem is that over the years this small voter population has been lied to, hoodwinked and deemed persona non grata by the very people they have voted into office. Drone on Cape Charles. She will smile to your face and stick a knife in your back. She needs to crawl back under that rock and stay there. Buchholz is sniffing right up behind her. Word on the street is that the theater will be sold to make apartments. The middle school, the little league, the old school and the basketball court, and now one of the crown jewels of Cape Charles, the Palace. What else can the adults take away from the children?

The Arts Enter website makes a big deal about how they are all for the kids and the youth programs, but it seems they are moving in a different direction. What will Arts Enter be without the theater? How will they fulfill their mission without a place to do it? They will be a dis-embodied ghost of an organization existing solely for fancy cocktail events.

Datinb Arts Enter Board, re-consider your direction and leadership. Go look at all the old cast Free sex dating in cape charles va 23310 from all the productions over the years, see aex the kids, and adults, who came alive adting that stage and get a grip on yourselves and the organization. Dora Sullivan does exactly what she wants to do sxe makes promises she has no intention of keeping. Another point of view on the EMS scandal, or lack there of. Maybe, just maybe, what to some appears to be an attempt to bypass the long standing and ineffective emergency medical services committee, and to gut the current EMS department, is actually an attempt to farm out those facets of the necessary merging of volunteer and paid professional facilities, equipment and staff that will be out of the financial and management range of county resources.

Coordinating the complex scheduling involved with meshing paid and volunteer members, insuring and maintaining public and private vehicles and equipment, and a myriad of other things that must be a part of emergency services development will require adding another layer of county bureaucracy involving software, personnel etc that Northampton citizens can not pay for. The farming -out of the myriad of necessary processes required to make paid and volunteer parts of our EMS functional, will no doubt be a better deal financially for Northampton.

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Of course, those interested in departmental empire buildingand personal ssex boosting would be very disappointed to lose status and control to a private entity, where personal agendas would, in theory, charle less weight. We already have a daing administrator who, due to a lazy former BoS with no leadership wielded far too much unchecked, unsupervised power and discretionary leeway. We are still suffering the ill effects. Put your egos aside, and wait for the report. I attended all of the forums the last election and it was pretty clear that some of the candidates had little to no knowledge on the requirements of the job they were seeking.

Small towns are a petri dish for true leadership to grow but you need to find the right people to make that happen. Smooth Guy from Connecticut who lives in a fancy house, you know where! Pity Platform — Is anyone running on a pity platform? Pity the taxpayers of Cape Charles. From what I understand Dora is telling people that they can change their residency to the town in order to vote in this election. Dora was the driving force behind selling or should I say giving away the old school to Developers. A vote for Doris Sullivan is a vote for more debt. The people in this town had better wise up and realize that the town is so far in debt it will never see the light of day.

Imagine that someone would take the time to write a sentence like that without giving a thought that someone is actually trying to make things better here?

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