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And it is through right that the very worker asserts himself as a time person and as a man. I was full the straw and then I about into an without hole and I converted my super. In other words, they over their feelings, our ways of thinking and nature from their cultural watch and belonging Sex; Menezes, Men have to watch!.

Although physical strength is an important issue during the hiring process, this does not mean strongest workers will have the best productivity. The clothing consists of a hat or cap, sunglasses, a handkerchief covering their necks and faces, long-sleeve shirt with quill, trousers, boots with a steel toe, pants, shin guards and leather gloves Rocha, ; Alves, During work sugarcane cutters are exposed to high temperatures, rain, dust, and soot from the burning of sugarcane, venomous animals found in sugarcane fieldsaccidents at work, such as cuts, falls and to the intense body movement that results in inappropriate postures.

This range of risks can be aggravated by wearing lot of clothes that cover their body, or even by the poor quality of the PPE provided by sugarcane mills Alessi; Scopinho, In the face of physical effort expended Hot woman pickup in canavieiras situations to which they are daily exposed, the work in manual sugarcane harvesting implies lots of risks to physical and mental health of workers. The risk factors are from the conditions found in the work environment and housing conditions, which can lead to diseases or even death Rocha, We try to understand the various meanings that migrant workers attribute to these risks, working with the experience hypothesis that these risks are related to the affirmation of their gender identities.

Methodology Methodologically, we have used a qualitative phenomenological approach. Since individual speech reports reveals systems and values, we seek to understand the structural conditions, systems of values, norms and symbols, which express the representations of certain groups, in historical, social, economic and cultural conditions. The sample of participants, in this study, has not been defined previously but it was built during the search process. Thus, the scaling of the number of interviews followed saturation criteria, which consists in the knowledge formed by the researcher, in the field where the researcher was able to understand the inner logic of the group or collectivity Minayo, The interviews were conducted during the harvest, at places of destination, and during the off-seasons, when workers return to their places of origin.

Thus, the participants of this study were men, sugarcane cutters, migrants from different age groups who already migrated to work in sugarcane manual harvesting. These men have the common characteristic of being small producers or family farmers who work on the land. We interviewed 12 workers during the development of this paper. The process of analysis initially consisted in the complete transcription of interviews. Then, it was decided to use thematic analysis method, with the purpose of discovering the units of meaning that enable communication, whose frequency identifies something for the object of analysis Minayo, ; Bardin, All the procedures performed during the study followed Resolution No.

The interviewees participated voluntarily, through their free consent and approval - all of them had their identity preserved, using fictitious names to ensure anonymity and confidentiality of the information. Declaring that the service is good does not mean, however, the workers have no consciousness about its inhumane and even indecent aspects. Thus, to understand the good qualification attributed by the workers, we need to understand what this work means for them.

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What do you think? Researcher - It is arduous I attended a meeting with that woman who said on TV that one worker is capable to give Hot woman pickup in canavieiras thousand strikes per day. Vanildo - It is a daily fight because this is not an easy job Adilson - Now that the Northeast raised ninety percent because of the sugarcane harvesting. Researcher - Regardless all the suffering, Vanildo, this increase is helping a lot people from the Northeastern region. Because the Northeast region is always a poor area, and we go to the mills to work… Who uses the head to value the earnings… you notice some nice improvements: Thus, it is not that workers do not feel the weight of the work; it is the fact when they evaluate the work in the sugarcane crops, and they do it considering their living conditions in their places of origin as a parameter.

This has favored the economic dynamics processes of the small cities of the Northeast where this workforce is originated. And it is from these considerations that we can understand the following quotations: The payment for a workday in small farms is about fifteen reais Brazilian currency ; here you can get thirty, forty, fifty reais. Besides that, it is difficult to find work for the whole week Francisco, 24 years old, single, from Santa Cruz da Baixa Verde, Pernambuco. So, I cannot say the job is bad Although some of the workers evaluate positively their work in the sugarcane harvesting, theu do this from another parameter: Imagine you working He states that time was worse and harder than working in sugarcane crops.

According to him, at 11 am he had to pick up the a cement column with his bare hands and put it on the truck. My hands were in blood. There was a column weighing up to kg. If I stayed there another year, I would not survive.

Sometimes I could not even hold a plate - and this for a reais salary. I quit and then, all could not pay my bills. I came back home Princesa Isabelspent about 6 to 8 months and then I left and I got here. InI worked for the supplier. I have plans to move back to Princesa Isabel. Maybe it will works or maybe not because I might not have financial condition to return. The concept of experience forged by E. Thompson helps us to understand the migrant workers attitude. In fact, for Thompsonp. In other words, they elaborate their feelings, their ways of thinking and acting from their cultural universe and belonging Silva; Menezes, Their evaluation is more based on the value they can attribute to the work, the value of being a man, provider and worker.

Like the construction workers interviewed by Borsoiamong the Northeastern workers working in sugarcane fields, work is understood as a value related to gender identity. To be a man is to be a good worker and provider. In other words, for these men: Work is understood very early as something that requires strength, physical disposition and effort. And these characteristics are learnt since their childhood. Work is synonymous of survival, it is almost an organic feeling, naturalized. Men have to work! This phrase is often said by migrant workers.

Said by one to the other, it has only one meaning: In fact, it is a condition of their life itself. Hence the distrust toward those who, in their places of origin, bear wealth that is not related to heavy work. Author Sarti points out to the importance of the labor value for the male identity affirmation among poor people. It constitutes the male identity substratum, forging a way of being a man. It Seeking an intelligent friend in baths a condition of their moral autonomy: And it is through work that the migrant worker asserts himself as a good person and as a man. But the author stresses that if the affirmation of virility passes through work and the willingness to work.

Therein lies the importance of hard work for them, since it is through this work that they can socially assert themselves, as well as to meet social expectations of their groups of origin. The experience of risks by Northeastern migrant workers The worker herein analyzed belongs to a vulnerable social group because are inserted in working conditions and relations marked by heavy work, insalubrity and dangerousness. It is important to point out that their insertion in the sugarcane industry - as sugarcane cutters - results in vulnerability processes of their living spaces in small cities of the Northeastern states, marked by difficulty to access to land, poor soil quality, irregularities Hot woman pickup in canavieiras rainfall and lack of public policies development to reduce the poverty effectively.

Even considering the formalization process of labor relations in Hot woman pickup in canavieiras context of sugarcane companies - favoring a significant decrease in informality in the sector - and the various agreements signed by companies, unions and the State aiming at appropriate work conditions to ensure minimum dignity levels for workers, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that such agreements are never fully implemented; in practice only disseminating ethanol as a clean fuel produced with decent conditions and labor relations Santos; Gurgel, But what can be observed when visiting most of the Brazilian sugarcane plantations is that the labor exploitation is still present.

Lunch or coffee break is not respected. Workers are encouraged to achieve and even exceed current productivity averages. They are workers are exposed to several risks during the activity. According to Regulation No. Regarding situational risks, we have those related to ergonomic risks poor posture and to fatigue and tension, among others Chiodi; Marziale, Finally, human or behavior risks are present in every work environment, such as floor conditions or inadequate lighting Silva; Zeitoune, Considering specifically the migratory process herein mentioned, as well as the sugarcane harvest activity, we can point out the main risks for migrant workers. As sugarcane cutters, migrant workers are susceptible to physical risks due to high temperatures and exposure to ultraviolet rays.

There are also risks related to the exposure to sugarcane soot as well as biological factors such as snake bites. There are also situational risks related to the fast-paced work environment. In addition, sugarcane harvesting is an activity that requires many body movements such as: All this repetitive movement can cause serious physical consequences to workers, such as repetitive stress injuries RSI and other musculoskeletal and osteoarticular injuries. And finally there are risks of accidents during the migratory journey leaving and returning to the their cities and in the workplace itself, since workers are paid by production in outdoor areas and they cannot properly monitor the terrain characteristics.

According to Luptonrisk can be approached from realistic or technical scientific perspectives and from social constructionist approach. In the latter case, the risks are considered as social and cultural aspects, and thus are denaturalized. It is a matter of discussing the notion of risk, assuming that different subjects tend to experience and give different meanings to risk situations. Migrant workers are aware of the risks they are exposed to during the harvesting season. Here is what Mr. The real danger of this work is encountering with snakes.

There are lots of them. But I never heard about anyone dying because of it. The worker gets used to this animal. See how workers gets used to bad things! That can be harmful to us after a while. I had pneumonia once because of it. But after I got here, I everything is fine. The interviewee addresses biological risks encountering with snakes and also risks related to chemical agents soot. On the other hand, when the sugarcane is burned, the biological risks decrease. However, in the latter situation risks related to chemical factors increases the soot is inhaled.

According to Roseiro and Takayanaguip. This process interferes directly with the population health since the burning of the sugarcane straw releases pollutants; the main damage is air pollution. Consequently, by the health point of view, excessive emission of carbon monoxide and ozone cause damage to the soil, local, native and cultivated plants, fauna and population. According to Fabiano 30 years old, married, living in Santa Cruz da Baixa Verde, Pernambucoworking in the sugarcane harvesting involves constant risks. After five days living in the city the work started.

We take the risk. We take the risk of suffering an accident, cut injury, being bitten by a snake. But the worse thing is not having a work contract. Those who are working there are taking the risk. And even the family. Sometimes our families need something and we are far away, and cannot help. So everything goes bad. Never heard about someone getting rich cutting sugarcane. You just get sick. This kind of job can make you ill. There are also a lot of guys that consider themselves pickup artists; some guys even charge for their services, meaning they get paid to teach other men how to hook up with hot women.

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