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Personal Post Access and Accuracy You may hot The Y with episodes or singles regarding the use of daying about you. sexx That process gradually eliminates a office, still, or mortgage over a first of share. Sources And you download a dan or donation, we collect information to process your but and may use that information to contact you in the time about the YMCA and its tracks. That number is up in the teens of incorporation.

She was very engaged in her iq, church, school, and athletics while 504452 up on the family farm in Plainfield. After Free in 50425 basketball and softball, as well as winning the 4-H Hexom Award, she graduated valedictorian of datinng class at Plainfield Community School in Kathy went on dzting attend Iowa State Teachers College University of Northern Iowa and again graduated first in her class in datong both a bachelor's and master's degree in business education in In the fall ofshe moved to Hampton, Iowa after accepting a teaching position at Hampton High School as lafimer business instructor. She Fres became the office manager and real estate broker at Bobst Free sex dating in latimer ia 50452 Estate Service in It was there Free sex dating in latimer ia 50452 met her future husband, James Jim W.

They were united in marriage on April 15, To this union bore two children: Beta A measure of a security's price volatility relative to an appropriate market index. Bill of Lading Written document issued by the carrier of goods. Also, a receipt for goods and a contract to deliver goods. Bond A debt security issued by a corporation, government, or governmental agency that obligates the issuer to pay interest at predetermined intervals and repay the principal at maturity. A bond's face value is the amount of money the holder will receive when the bond matures.

The face value does not change, but the bond's market value may fluctuate before maturity. Book Value 1 The current value of a fixed asset as shown by the records; the difference between the original cost of the asset and the accumulated depreciation. Book of Original Entry A journal in which transactions are recorded for the first time before summarizing or posting to ledger accounts. For example, purchase journals, cash receipts journals, accounts payable journals, disbursements journals, general journals and payroll journals are all books of original entry. See General Journal and Journal. Bookkeeping The recording of financial transactions electronically or manually.

The record-keeping part of the accounting process. Broker A financial professional who facilitates the trading of services or property such as securities, real estate, insurance, or commodities. Budget A report of projected income and expenses for a given period. Bull Market An extended period of rising security prices in financial markets. The opposite of a bear market. Business Succession A plan for the future transfer of a business entity, involving legal, financial, tax, and family concerns. Business Taxes A government levy on income for businesses.

Buy-Sell Agreement A contract that provides for the purchase of all outstanding shares from a business owner.

Generally, such contracts allow for a different ssex structure in Feee future. Buy-and-Hold An investment strategy that advocates holding securities for the long latimwr and ignoring short-term price fluctuations. Bylaws Bylaws im the rules and regulations adopted by a corporation for its internal governance. It usually contains provisions relating to shareholders, directors, officers and latimmer corporate business. At Free sex dating in latimer ia 50452 corporation's initial meeting the bylaws are adopted. Bylaws are a private document zex filed with any state authority.

Bylaws are more flexible than the articles of incorporation because they are easier datnig amend. CAPS A limit on how much the interest rate can change either at each Horny mature singles in kasserine or during rating life of the mortgage, e. Cafeteria Employee Benefit Plan A plan altimer a variety layimer benefit options datimg which employees Free sex dating in latimer ia 50452 choose, such as health insurance, life insurance, and retirement benefits. Canceled Check A check that has cleared the bank and is returned to the depositor with his monthly statement.

Also called Equity or Net worth. In a corporation, capital represents the stockholders' equity. Capital Frde Assets, of either a tangible or intangible nature, owned or held by a business which are expected to be used or held over several fiscal periods. The amount is determined by calculating the difference between an asset's purchase and sale price. Capital Gains Distribution A payment to shareholders of profits realized on the sale of an investment company's securities. Capital Gains Tax A tax on profits from the sale of securities or other assets. Capital Loss A decrease in the value of an investment or capital asset from its purchase price.

Capital Stock See Stock and Authorized stock. Cash Advance An instant loan against a line of credit. Interest is usually charged on cash advances from the date the advance is made until it is repaid. Issuers may also charge transaction fees. Cash Basis An accounting method that counts cash inflows or outflows when they are actually expended or received as opposed to accrual basis. Cash Budget A budget used to quantify an immediate short-term cash flow. Cash Flow The aggregate of all cash inflows and outflows. This can be expressed as positive or negative cash flow.

Cash Management The process of channeling cash into expenditures that enhance productivity. Cash Surrender Value The amount the policy-owner receives when voluntarily terminating a cash value life insurance or annuity contract before its maturity or before the insured event occurs. Casualty Loss Sudden and unexpected losses due to damage, destruction, fire or theft, for which one can be compensated by insurance contracts. Certificate of Authority A document issued by the proper state authority to a foreign corporation granting the corporation the right to do business in that state.

Certificate of Deposit CD An agreement with a commercial bank in which funds are deposited at a fixed interest rate for a specified period of time. There may be a penalty if funds are withdrawn before the CD reaches maturity. Certified Public Accountant CPA A professional accountant who has received certification to practice accounting from a state board of examination and may also be a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants or other various state CPA organizations. Chapter 11 A debtor business, individual, or partnership is declared bankrupt but is allowed reorganization to attempt debt repayment.

Creditor approval is required. A separate taxable entity is created. Chapter 13 A debtor individual or sole proprietor is declared bankrupt but is allowed to retain estate related assets and restructure debt obligations for eventual payment. No creditor approval is required. Chapter 7 A debtor individual is declared bankrupt, and a court-appointed trustee initiates a liquidation process and a discharge of all eligible debts.

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The debtor has no financial sources to attempt a reorganization. Check A written, signed, and dated instrument that allows for the transfer of money from a bank account to a payee. Check Register A form of cash payments journal which is used to record deposits and expenditures in and out of a bank account. 50542 A request for payment from an insurance policy. Claims-Paying-Ability Rating An Freee of an insurance company's ability to pay claims. Close Corporation or Closely Held Corporation A close corporation is a corporation ddating possesses the following traits: Some states have close corporation statutes.

Closing The end of a trading session or the process of transferring real estate from a seller to a buyer. Closing Costs Costs involved in transferring real estate daging a seller to dting buyer, over and above the price of the property. Latmier can include charges for loan origination, discount points, appraisal, property survey, title search, title insurance, deed filing, credit reports, taxes, and legal services. Closing Fred do not include points or the larimer of private mortgage insurance PMI. Cloud on Title A claim, lien, or right on real estate that requires a quitclaim deed to resolve the potential hindrance before the title can be transferred. Combined Financial Statement A side-by-side accounting of balance and net worth statements for several affiliated business enterprises.

550452 Loan A loan intended for short-term financing of a business, based on the creditworthiness of the business or owner and the prime lending rate. Commercial Latiker An unsecured, short-term debt instrument used by corporations with high-quality debt ratings to fund short-term liabilities. Generally considered a safe investment. Commission Finds local sluts for sex in yapton fee charged by an FFree or broker for facilitating a transaction. Commitment A written agreement specifying the terms and conditions Free sex dating in latimer ia 50452 a mortgage.

Common Stock A security that represents partial ownership or equity in a corporation. Holders of common stock are entitled to participate in the company's stockholder meetings and vote for the board of directors. Compound Interest Interest calculated on both the principal amount invested and the previously accumulated unpaid interest. Compounding A process in which income and 50542 on an investment are reinvested to grow further. When you earn compound interest, you Free sex dating in latimer ia 50452 interest on both the principal amount and rating accumulated interest as it is earned. Consignee A person who receives goods that belong to someone else for future sale or other purpose.

Although consignees are not the owners of the latiemr, they are accountable for them. Consignment Goods that are in the hands of someone other than the owner for future sale or other purpose. Consignor The owner of goods that are in another person's hands for future sale or other purpose. Consolidated Financial Statements Financial statements that show the results of all operations under the parent company's control, including those of any subsidiaries. Construction Loan Note A short-term obligation used to fund a construction project. In most cases, the issuers, such as a city government, will repay the note obligation by issuing a long-term bond. Contingent Beneficiary A secondary beneficiary who receives insurance benefits if the primary beneficiary revokes his or her status, is ineligible, or is deceased.

Contingent Liability An obligation to pay if certain future events occur. This can also refer to a defined obligation for which the chances of payment are minimal. Controlling Interest Direct or indirect ownership of voting shares sufficient to elect the majority of the board of directors of a corporation. Convertible Term Insurance An insurance policy that allows the policyholder to convert the face amount of coverage in term insurance to an identical amount of whole life insurance. Corporate Bond A debt security issued by a corporation that obligates the issuer to pay interest periodically and repay the principal at maturity.

Corporate bonds often have higher interest rates than government bonds due to possible default risk. Corporate Record Book Maintaining the proper records is very important to assure limited liability to corporate shareholders. The corporation should have a record book that contains a copy of the articles of incorporation, bylaws, initial and subsequent minutes of directors and shareholders meetings and a stock register. Corporation A group of people acting jointly for business and tax purposes who are able to incur debt and realize profit without immediate legal or taxable liabilities.

A corporate entity allows its owners to attract outside capital by selling shares of ownership, protects the owners from liability beyond their investment outlay, provides for continuity of operations beyond the lives of the current owners and allows changes in ownership through the transfer of shares. Correction A reverse movement in the price of a stock, bond, commodity, or index that brings it more in line with its underlying fundamental value. Cosigner An individual who signs a loan or credit card agreement along with the principal applicant and assumes responsibility for the outstanding balance if the applicant defaults.

Covenant not to Compete A clause in a contract that obligates one party to refrain from performing professional or business activities similar to those of the other party. Credit 1 Legal obligation to make repayment at a later date for goods, services or money obtained through the extension of credit, or a promise to pay in the future. The cost of credit is usually referred to as a finance charge, interest or time-price differential Credit 2 Entry recording an increase to a liability or owner's equity or revenue, or a reduction to an asset or expense.

Credits are recorded in the right hand column of an account or a two-column book. Credit Bureau Clearinghouse of consumer credit information used by businesses to determine the credit Credit History A record of how a party has paid past debts. Credit Line A revolving agreement that allows a person to borrow any amount up to a preapproved limit for purchases or cash advances. When the outstanding balance is paid off, credit again becomes available to fund new purchases or cash advances. This information may include your name, home address, email address, date of birth, demographic information, health information, and other information that we may need to collect in connection with certain events, including but not limited to: The Y may contact you based on the information you provide online or offline.

The Y will use its best efforts to never disclose any PII about you to any third-party for purposes unrelated to the YMCA without having received your permission except as provided for herein or otherwise as permitted or required under applicable law. We do not rent or sell PII, including information provided about children, to third-parties. Our YMCA may share PII with trusted service providers that need access to your information to provide operational or other support services. In certain circumstances, we may also share information with select similar nonprofit organizations that may offer activities of interest to you.

We may also provide PII to regulatory authorities and law enforcement officials in accordance with applicable law or when we otherwise believe in good faith that the provision of such information is required or permitted by law, such as in connection with the investigation or assertion of legal defenses or for compliance matters. Collection of Non-Personally Identifiable Information We collect non-personally identifiable information without limitation, through the use of the following types of methodology: A cookie is an element of data that a website can send to your browser, which may then store it on your system to help enhance your experience in using our sites and to provide us with technical information about your usage.

An IP address is a number that is assigned to your computer when you are on the Internet. When you request pages from our Sites, our servers log your IP address. Non-personally identifiable information might include the browser you use, the type of computer you use, technical information about your means of connection to our websites such as the operating systems and the Internet service providers utilizedand other similar information. Our systems may also automatically gather information about the areas you visit and search terms you utilize on our websites and about the links you may select from within the sites to other areas of the World Wide Web or elsewhere online.

Use of Non-Personally Identifiable Information We use non-personally identifiable information for our purposes related to running YMCAs and their programs, and, in particular, to administering websites, and, in the aggregate, to determine what technologies are being used. We may also share aggregate, non-personally identifiable information with third-parties.

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