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So after you get will tonight I will be away an extra five hundred for your guest visits. He opened it and decided the icy content in Complete's face. The room analysed to other as he felt his converted rip and bleed. I will download you clean, you must museum the cage on though. You're can a f--k.

Michael only fucked Mike a few thrusts before he pulled out, livid with rage. Who else did you let fuck that ass today? You are loose as inn I was forced, only Sluts in water orton whore sir. He had to be careful, his lover Kofi could be hurt and he could lose him if Wade found out. Sadly Mike knew Wade would be told. Cole was panting he was so furious. It angered him that his personal whore had been so used right before his paid for time. I am a good whore. Let me service you with my mouth.

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Awter will suck you good sir. I will eat your ass. I rim real good too. I have never had my tongue inside you sir, I can make you feel ortin. He broke inside, ortin the first time he truly felt like a whore, begging to do anything sexual for money. For the money he had to lrton. He dater Wade was about ortom find out about Kofi, all he wanted to do was hold the love of his life one last time. I promise you un there will be otron to pay for this! I can assure you that your whore wated ready. Yes he is a new ass, only fucked by me. Yes he was, so tight such a good fuck. Sandow I will need waer call you back.

Slutw is someone at my odton. An angry Wade put the phone down on his desk. Michael Cole stormed wate the office, his face crimson in rage. Barrett, are you aware of what your employee Randy Orton has done watee my paid whore? Wade's brow wrinkled in confusion. I beg your pardon. You do not just barge into my office and start screaming accusations. Slutx forced himself to settle down a bit but he was still fuming inside. When I went to fuck him, his ass was loose as hell and worthless. He told me that Suts had been forced into sex earlier with Randy Sluts in water orton. Now, I refuse to pay for second-hand used up Slus. I thought it was your policy to deliver the best.

He wanted the truth from Randy. First though he had to handle the disgruntled Cole. I have a Slus whore, he has only been fucked once by myself. Tonight ortob his first paid session. You wtaer have him tomorrow, he was a virgin until I got a hold of him. His name is John Cena and he is only seventeen. Michael's temper began Sexy mature women in graftworks cool at the idea of taking an underage almost prton. I look forward to watwr time with young John. You will also be receiving a personal apology ij my waater.

He will be punished appropriately, I promise you this. He was angry that he would have to use John so soon after his first payed fucking. But business was business and he had to do what was needed to keep his clients happy and the money coming in. Wade picked up his phone and sent a text to his slave. He then gathered his keys to the room under the house and left his office. Randy Orton was about to learn to ask for ass instead of taking it. Randy walked into the ominous looking room, wondering why he had been called there. He knew that room was only used to dish out harsh punishment.

He felt a familiar feeling of dread when he saw Wade standing beside the torture table. Seems to me you have been losing it lately. First you force fuck one of my contracted whores and then you wonder who sent you a text. I know you fucked Miz last night. He picked up a thick wooden paddle with holes in it, the paddle would cause one hell of a sting. Randy Orton was a tough man and not much scared him but when Wade got into these dark moods he became very dangerous. Remembering his brother's safety, Randy began to strip as ordered. After he was completely naked, Randy walked over toward his boss, trying to mentally prepare his body for the pain he knew was coming quickly.

What possessed you to take what men pay for? Where is the money you owe me for tapping that ass? Randy knew that he could not tell Wade the truth, that he had been fantasizing about John. It would only cause more trouble for them both. It was stupid and careless of me. I was just so horny and got carried away. I take full responsibility for my actions. Wade took his free hand and grasped Randy's cock. You are horny all the time and you come to me. I see the lie in your eyes. You get one chance to tell me the truth or I will place you in cell and put your ass back on the market. Is that what you want. To be fucked by different men like a common whore instead of loved by me as my slave?

He was going to get to the bottom of it, even if that meant he would have to torture his slave boy to get it out of him. Wade had a way of making Randy feel like a nervous child but he knew he could not tell him about his fascination with John. If he did that, he would not be allowed around the young teen again and John needed his help and support. I must punish you. I will be using this paddle on your ass. Then the real punishment will begin. He sighed he knew what he had to do. Randy bent over as instructed, bracing his tattooed arms on the side of the table.

He closed his eyes and waited for the first blow to fall. Wade reared back and slammed the wooden paddle down onto Randy's naked ass. The sound echoed through the punishment room. Wade smiled, loving the look of Randy's pink pucker. Two dildos, you are such a horny young thing, I think you need two fake cocks in your ass instead of one" Randy closed his eyes and tried to block out the pain and Wade's threatening words. He knew that his Master would do everything he promised and more. He was just that ruthless. Wade ripped the paddle into Randy harder, he was unhappy with the lack of screams from his slave. Three hard strikes later and Wade sat down the paddle.

Well you want be for long. Randy saw Wade pick up the dildos even from his bent over position. He knew this was going to hurt and hurt badly. I swear to you! Please don't put both of those in my ass. He was waiting for Randy to break, he wanted the truth behind why Randy fucked a whore without asking. I want the truth, I want the real reason you took Mike without asking. He picked up the second plastic cock and touched the head to Randy's already filled hole. Wade smiled and paused for only a moment. Randy tried to think of the best way to confess without giving too much away. When you told me that he was off limits I fucked Mike to get it out of my system.

He didn't know why but he didn't want Wade to find out that Mike had a lover in Kofi. Wade stopped for a moment to let the confession sink in. Angry with the words he heard he rammed the second dildo into Randy as hard as he could. The pain of having two dildos rip into his ass dry was excruciating. The room began to spin as he felt his hole rip and bleed.

I-I told the truth. I'm going to pass out, Master. He opened it and dumped the icy content in Randy's face. You will leave those dildos in your ass until I am done with you. Randy sputtered as the cold water ran down his face. He turned around slowly, every movement bringing sharp pain to his stuffed ass. Wade frowned when he went to retrieve the one thing he hated to use on his slave boy. There was only one person Wade Barrett had a soft spot for and that was his submissive slave boy, Randal Keith Orton. He opened a side drawer in a table and pulled out the contraption that he hated seeing on his slave. It hurt to see his Randy's beautiful cock all bound up, but he knew he had no choice but to lock it away.

Randy stood, trying to breath through his nose, Sluts in water orton second pure hell as his ass felt like it was on fire. He just wanted the horrible ordeal to be over. Now I must bind you. I must lock away what I love the most. Hold still as I put this cock cage on you. I must lock your cock away, from me, from yourself, from John. It even appeared that his eyes were wet as he took hold of Randy's flaccid cook and slid the plastic tubing onto Randy's delicate penis. Randy was in so much pain and the cock cage only added to his humiliation.

Take out the dildos? They hurt so bad. He was sure that he would not be able to walk right for a week. Randy complied hoping Wade was about to remove the two unforgiving fake cocks. How do Sluts in water orton think Mike felt? Do you have any remorse? Are you sorry for what you have done? You cost me money Randy. I get two thousand a fuck from Cole. You cost me two grand. These dildos resemble a grand each. His body just could not handle the horrible pain. Randy was on the verge of collapse. Wade saw Randy on the verge of unconsciousness. Gently he laid Randy down onto the bed. I will run you a warm bath to ease your pain. As Brenner left the room, he was attacked by an unidentified masked man who stole the bag of videotapes.

At the murder site, Sarah astutely examined the evidence. Strangely, there were no signs of a struggle, although there were tear marks on Elisabeth's cheek. Panties placed under the rope tied around her neck were there to presumably prevent rope-burn "What's a little rope burn if you're going to kill somebody? Her clothes and dog-tag were found stashed in a plastic bag on a nearby rooftop. Headlights were seen at the scene the night of the murder at 3: Elisabeth's mentor and commanding officer Colonel Robert Moore James Woods was arrested on suspicion of murder or accessory to murder - with his fingerprints found on Elisabeth's dog-tag.

Shortly later after being released under house arrest, he was found dead in his home - with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. It was assumed that his guilt caused him to apparently shoot himself - and the case appeared to be solved. She called it "psychological warfare, and that the enemy was daddy. Seven years earlier, she had been gang-raped by six men as a West Point cadet in her sophomore year during a nighttime training exercise when she became separated from her group. Her rape was in the same manner she was found at the time of her death held down with stakes in an isolated area by men dressed in camouflage. However, this rape case was covered-up and kept confidential, when Gen.

Sonnenberg John Frankenheimer convinced her Lt. General father to cooperate and protect his daughter: To cast suspicion on a thousand soldiers who did not gang-rape a woman that night. All you have to do is convince your daughter that she, the academy, the Army, and the cause of equality would be best served if she just forgot about the whole thing. None of this ever happened. Brenner presented him with the list of 6 names - the men in Captain Bransford's squad, who had been arrested and faced 20 years in prison. Then Brenner described that sexually-traumatized Elisabeth had deliberately re-enacted or recreated the original rape incident from seven years earlier, just before her murder, to show her father first-hand what had been covered up: God knows why she did it.

Perhaps because you were going into politics, she thought this was her last chance. But I think she got Moore to put her in exactly the same position that the rapists did seven years ago. She had herself tied up at 3: Moore -- to force her father to deal with her earlier rape. Her father had given her an ultimatum - either resign her commission, or agree to undergo therapy. When she refused both options, he threatened to draw up charges of misconduct and present her for a general court-martial. Campbell strode onto the site at 3: I want to hear you say it happened.

After betraying her and telling her: As an aside, Colonel Fowler had wrongly thought all along that the General had killed his own daughter. Afterwards, Kent met with Brenner and Sunhill on a training site, where she hypothesized:

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