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Ah, you look lak a boxer. Get outta the way, Mickey. See if these fellas'd like a drink. Oh, I could murder one. Please be between the ages of 25 and 55, drug and disease free, and a great attitude. Horny moms wants adult services mature swm looking for a younger w for nsa or fwb Woman seeking casual sex Boca Raton Are You Married and Lonely m4w Do you feel alone even with your partner in the room? Are you craving attention, only to be ignored? If that sounds like you, then we are facing the same thing. No excitement, passion or intimacy at home. I want to change that, would you like to join me?

I'm a well educated white professional that lives and works in Savannah. I'm fit, stand six foot two, weigh two hundred pounds and been told well endowed.

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But I guess that is for you to judge. I am looking for a friendship Lena oriental model leads to intimacy. Group of guys we just met buys shots. MT discusses life with midget Vinny. Look over shoulder to see third string basketball player on knees making out with tiny asian girl. LS high fives MT. Midget Vinny asks MT for her number. LS suddenly gets very sick and needs to be taken home friendship. Pass the fuck out. LS and MT get up and go to the gym… for 30 min.

LS does work while MT makes delicious home cooked meal. LS gets text from guy on OK Cupid, Borris the Boring, with an invite to join him and his roommate out for a night of free drinks. Realize people are all suspiciously wearing the same color. Mentally prepare for pinches. Search for Borris and friend. Get distracted by Duck Hunter game in corner, wish they had quarters. Find Borris and friend. Friend is possibly on drugs or just really weird. Realize that Borris is boring and friend is one step above local crack addict. Stay for free drinks. New York is expensive. Borris and friend go to new bar.

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